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25 April 2010

this weekend was the weekend of accomplishment.  i completed one part of my teaching portfolio, which i have renamed the Time Wasting Suck, all 82 pages of it, replete with charts and graphs and student work and analysis and words, words, words.

we registered for gifts.   or, well, we registered for part of our gifts.  as it turns out, trying to figure out what you have, what you need, and what goes where with what and how…takes a lot of energy and more time than one evening.  but we are well on our way.

we got the design of our invitations finalized (after much delay from me who was a little busy to work on the copy) and ready to print/mail this week.

with the incredible generosity of my friends who came to my bridal shower, i also was able to buy a couple of things i had been needing for awhile as well as a few cute additions to the clothes i picked out for our engagement photos.

which were also this weekend.

we spent a windy (thankfully, it died down a little) and mostly sunny afternoon on saturday taking photos with our friend, and fantastic photographer, jannelle.  i’ve known jannelle forever, and liked her own personal style as well as her photography style for some time.  she composes pictures well, she edits well, and she’s generally a fantastic person overall.  but, i wondered if it would feel strange to get my picture taken for hours (not my idea of the best time ever), particularly by a friend?

nope.  nada.  nyet.  jannelle is really great at that too.  it more felt like we were on a fun adventure with cute outfits and happened to have someone taking some pictures of us along the way.  she has great ideas, is open and spontaneous to new locations and options, and will also help you move 30 reference books at the library to a new shelf in order to get a great shot.

or maybe that’s just if you happen to want your pictures done in a library, because you’re nerds.   i don’t know anything about that, really, but i bet if you were in a library and taking pictures, jannelle would haul heavy books, take a picture with your polaroid camera, take the cutest pictures you’d ever seen, and then edit them brilliantly.   because that’s just how she rolls.

you know, hypothetically speaking.

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