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cara mio.

27 April 2010

my love, my polaroid mio, my cara mio.

if you have known me longer than 2 weeks, you know my affinity towards polaroid film.  with this, i way live up to my hipster street cred.  i own five of them, and a long time ago the lovely paradigm girls gifted me my polaroid mio.

they no longer make the mio, but they do make the fuji instax 210 camera (which i also really, really REALLY want for many reasons, not least of which is the wide format.  did i mention REALLY?  all caps?), and my mio take fuji instax film.  thankfully, while the impossible project folks figured out how to make polaroid again, i have not been devoid of my beloved instant lo-fi film.

when we got our engagement pictures taken by the lovely jannelle (who you will remember from the last post i wrote), she was more than happy to take pictures with my cara mio.  i scanned them in, tweaked the color just a tad and added my favorite vintage-looking rounded corners, and voila.  lo-fi love.

bluebirds, lovebirds.

he’s awfully cute.

“love, love here we are.”  — pablo neruda

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  1. 1 May 2010 1:00 pm

    I want that camera!

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