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4 May 2010

2: the amount of days I have left of teaching at Unnamed High School.

17: the number of days until I am a college graduate.

102: the number of invitations we stuffed and mailed today.

0: the number of invitations i personally stuffed and mailed (the dear french boyfriend was tasked with this chore while i “supervised” …er, graded papers.)

10: the number of research papers i have left to grade today.

32: days until i become mrs. derose.

1,789: the number of double-takes i perform when i see the words “mrs. derose”. weird!

10: the number of pages we got read from chapter one of “The Things They Carried” today. seriously.

12: the number of pieces of chalk we now own due to constructing a large 500-days-of-summer-like chalkboard wall in our new living room.

8: number of my friends i miss terribly. yes you. and you. and you too.

2: gallons of iced tea i drink per day when the weather turns warm like it was today.

20: number of minutes my brother and i talked last night over instant message. he made me laugh by referring to my sister-in-law’s girls only ‘slumber’ party tonight as “the dirty party”.

1: mini red stapler i carry with me everywhere i go.

358: number of staples that have escaped their box and clung, lamentably, all over the bottom of my school bag.

5: number of orange or red sharpie pens in my bag.

0: number of black or blue sharpie pens (ones suitable for writing, say, anything that makes me look like an adult) in my bag.

5: papers left for me to write in my last literature class.

5: sections of the second beastly porfolio (due friday) i have left to write.

1,730: things left to do for the wedding.


0: the number of minutes i should be spending online, puttering about and writing statistic lists.

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  1. 6 May 2010 6:53 am

    i carry a mini BLUE stapler everywhere with me! i used to have a red one. they’re great to whip out of my bag when the Stapler in Any Given Classroom is absent or malfunctioning. we called it little red. then little red got lost. now i have little blue. maybe YOU have little red!

  2. Leia permalink
    6 May 2010 7:13 am

    Friend…I miss hanging out with you…that’s all.


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