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i love a parade.

6 November 2010

i kind of wish they had a parade once a month downtown where i live.

it’s not because i like having tons of traffic.

or restricted access to the coffee shop i wanted to patronize this morning.

or because i actually want to attend (i seldom do).

so why?

it’s because i like the commotion.

the hubbub.

the fuss.

the spectacle.

the sense that something is happening; something to see, gawk at, wonder at.  bright colors, marching band music, folks meandering with kids down the sidewalk.

it feels like something good is happening, and like i perhaps might just live in an episode of the gilmore girls.

and i rather like that quality in my saturdays.

so, really, beyond my immense admiration for what our veterans actually have done for our country, today i also love them for having a parade.

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  1. Dad permalink
    7 November 2010 6:25 am

    how thoughtful. this veteran thanks you!

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