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hello, tablelover.

14 March 2011

we had to leave this beauty at the Crate & Barrel store yesterday.

we don’t quite know if this is what will go best next to the chair in my office, but in my mind it was the DREAMYPERFECTTABLE.

all one word.

it looked amazing in my imagination…

and my imagination always works out perfectly in reality.




so we left it at the store.

sniff.  sniff.

[editors note: my birthday is coming up, so if any of the zero benefactors i have would like to be assured of giving the most stupendous birthday present ever; to be the valedictorian of birthday-present-givers this year, you can direct your attention and funds towards this table/gift card at crate & barrel.
because now that we’ve got the desk in here, this table would be PERFECT.

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