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[definitely not] news flash.

30 March 2011

are you ready for my amazing discovery* this month:

the library has cookbooks, people.

for free.

and you can check them out for 2 months (as long as they’re not uber-popular, of course).



for free.

to cook from.

[are you getting the awesomeness yet?]

here’s my loot for this week:

oh, and we’re not becoming vegan, really, but i am attempting to expand my culinary repetoire, and we’re making some changes around casa derose in the food department, but more about that later.

until then: who’s coming for dinner?

*      *      *      *     *

note: as i gushed about my incredible bounty of culinary literature, the dear boy informed me that this is no new thing, as i have this thing called the “internet machine” which contains thousands of recipes.

my reply: FREEEEEEEEE! BOOOOOOOOOOOKS FOR COOOOOOOOOOKING! and then i proceeded to run around the apartment banging bowls and pots with a spoon.  mature, right?]

note to the note: this entire exchange may have just been imagined.

final note, associated with the asterisk at the beginning: i tend to “discover” things about 7 years after they are popular, or (and this happens less often) exactly 9 months before they become ubiquitous, and then prattle on about them to others as if i’ve just found the NEXT BIG THING.  my kind friends tolerate me.

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  1. Erin permalink
    30 March 2011 7:33 pm

    So, if you discover something 9 months before it becomes ubiquitous, does that mean you’ve gestated a ubiquity baby?

    You know how I feel about Veganomicon, but I also think Mark Bittman is pretty awesome. Enjoy your culinary adventures!

    • 1 April 2011 4:56 pm

      ha! say that ten times fast: ubiquitybaby, ubiquitybaby…

  2. Sara Kay permalink
    31 March 2011 3:53 pm

    You CRACK me up.

    Also, it’s time for tea again.

    • 1 April 2011 4:55 pm

      indeed! i’ll email you and we’ll schedule when i might come ring ’round.

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