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ms. hiraz mussbedragin

9 May 2011

whoa.  i am duh-ragging this morning.  going back to work on mondays is never really fun, but i have to say when you work from home, monday morning isn’t quite as bad, but still…monday is hitting me this morning like a Mack truck.

i have so many things to say, to think about, to write about, but they are all bouncing around my pinball head (pinhead?  hmm, i don’t think that’s right) at subatomic speeds and i can’t seem to slow down enough to capture them and write them all down.

[side note: do you listen to car talk?  you really should.  at very least, you would understand the title of this post.  but, perhaps you have better things to do with your time.  things like reading inane blather on blogs. wink.]

anyway, on this monday, even after i’ve gone to the gym for the first time in a month since the terrible treadmill puffyfoot incident, i am still very lethargic.  here are some things getting my dragging muffler through the day:

1. chobani greek yogurt

this is my current go-to breakfast now that it’s getting a bit too warm for oatmeal for me.

2. the moth

stories.  good ones.  not too long.  from real people.

sometimes, just sometimes, i don’t want to listen to music.

i just want someone to tell me a story.

3. lilacs

the lilac bush in front of our house is in bloom, and it smells so good i will almost volunteer to take the trash out because i have an excuse to walk right by it an extra time during the day.

we’ve had some great spring breezes recently, and it carries the lilac scent down the road.

i like to cut a few and put it in a bowl for my desk.

it’s like dessert for my nose.

*    *    *    *    *

happy monday, loves.  what’s getting you through today?

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