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weekend wrap-up.

30 May 2011

one.  i got my bike back from the shop for its annual tune-up.  we got matching 1968 schwinn bicycles a year ago on craigslist (mine blue, his red) and love love love (did i mention LOVE) to ride them all summer and into fall, particularly a few miles away to the drive-in burger shop where we get ice cream.  because i just biked all of 3 miles, and i deserve a triple cone.  the guys at the bike shop gave her back to me in tip-top shape, and she can even switch gears now without having a schizophrenic episode and retreating with a low-gear depressive sigh!

these bikes are drool-magnets.  everywhere we go, and i’m totally serious, we get people coming over to admire our bikes.  it’s one of those things we lucked into (not really being bike people, we just knew we liked old bikes and we wanted cruisers that were in good shape without spending a bunch of coin) without really understanding the deal we were getting.  at the bike shop this last time, the owners were telling us how much the mechanics were drooling over the bikes, and while i was testing out the bike’s new capacities, another couple mentioned how beautiful she was.


two. went to the grocery store, per usual.  always wonder how my “short” list of a few things winds up to be about $80.  inwardly laughed at the checkout line, because the people in front of me had the polar opposite of carts as i did.  (i.e. if i was buying watermelon, they were buying watermelon-flavored jolly ranchers).  the parallels were bizarre and funny.

but only to me, because apparently when i’m in a grocery store with about 9,678 other people, my brain starts to overheat and i start looking for the nearest exit, and apparently things become either really funny or horrendously bad in the store.  funny is always the better option.  also, turns out you can get coke icees at the store to cool you down while you wait IN LINE IN THE DAIRY AISLE because someone is having a decision-making disorder about yogurt.

sluuuuuuuuuurp.  you take your time, lady.

three. cleaned the house, and amazed ourselves at the fact that we could literally re-stuff a teddy bear with the amount of dust we collected.

yes, literally, and not figuratively.

because i know the difference.

four. had a lovely movie night with good friend meg & lee, who are wonderful sports despite the fact that we continually subject them to watching our oscar list movies.  the oscar list, if you recall, was our attempt in the year 2008 to at least begin watching but withholding veto power for westerns and some musicals watch all of the movies that won best picture oscar.  of course, we weren’t foolish enough to think we’d get it done in a year, and gave ourselves double that time, 2 years tops, to complete the list.

3 years later, and we’ve made it through about 1/4 of them.

so, with as much gusto as we can muster and our netflix queue all lined up, we began again.  with buddies, of course.  we watched the 1955 best picture oscar winner Marty, ate way too much chocolate, ate popcorn and talked throughout the movie (but in a good way).  marty was good, although i find myself getting very sad for characters who try very, very hard and get crapped on by everyone.

i will be very sad when they move to the north side of town, because then the ice cream will get all drippy on the way to their house for movie night.

first world problems, my friends, first world problems.

five. i got some delicious chocolate frozen yogurt.

six. i planted my dill, basil and chives in their indoor pots, and can hardly wait the 10 days it will take for them to show some life.  i hope they aren’t DOA or inedible.  i also repotted my burrito plant (seriously, that’s it’s name) in some soil more suitable for succulents (alliteration!  yay!) and got the boy a new plant after the atmosphere of his workspace (read: cave) killed the little stegosaurus-looking plant he had.

seven. had business therapy at the design ranger’s house, wherein we met a few of their friends who were DELIGHTFUL, and got to sit around and discuss small-business-owner-lamenty-type-things and eat way, way, way too much delicious food.

i find that i actually eat rather well during most weeks, but give me a buffet of food out at a friend’s house, and i can’t seem to shovel the food in my mouth fast enough, far past the time that i’m full.

and then i tell the boy to bring me more dessert.

and then i moan all the way home.

and i tell him that i’m never, ever AND I MEAN IT THIS TIME going to eat food ever again.

and he just shakes his head at me.

eight. i went for a walk/jog (couch to 5K program, usually love it) saturday morning in monument valley park, which is my favorite for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it’s one of the flattest trails in the city.

although i felt great after it (never during; those people are crazy who say that…crazy, or in shape) my ankle was not so happy and proceeded to remind me of that all weekend long.

sigh.  so, we’ll try again in another month, and instead just sign up for more spinning classes.

nine. 3-day weekend…sort of!

being self-employed, and with the workflow we have right now, you can kind of take a 3-day weekend whenever you darn well please.  if i’m having a particularly non-focused friday, i end up with a de facto 3-day weekend.  so, tomorrow being memorial day is definitely observed — in terms of recognition of purpose and service — in our house, but not observed in terms of taking the entire day off of work.  so, we split the difference: spin class & work in the morning, and a birthday barbecue and a fantastic dinner with our friends over at art in love, jeremy & liz.  our menu consists of burgers, burgers, and more burgers.  and things that go with burgers.  and dessert that follows burgers.

i really like burgers, and we’ve defrosted some excellent bison, crumbled some blue cheese and i’ve been trolling the internet machine for tasty burger recipes.

post script: the weekend actually ended up with a no-go on dinner with friends and a birthday barbecue courtesy of a serious lack of focus + mounting work to do, 1 rib that has been going out for weeks now and a pinched nerve in my lower back.  big bummer.  it’s been one of those kind of days.  and the spin class we went to monday morning sucked, because it’s really fun to be shouted at for an hour on a bike.

ten. it got so hot on sunday that i know that the air conditioner in the window time is imminent.

i can’t say that i love HOT weather.  i prefer the springtime sun, and the fall crisp…but whatevs.  i’ll just plan on getting out in the early morning and late evening and hole up in my office-cave during the day.

i like my sunshine with a side of cool, breezy air.

bon weekend, indeed. [minus the lame monday part]

*all photos linked to original source, except for the schwinn which is by yours truly.

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  1. 31 May 2011 12:07 pm

    i call number one bi-schwinning. i can’t believe nobody’s said that yet.

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