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monday ughpdate.

23 March 2009

1.  SPRING BREAK.  despite having to fill my break with an immense amount of studying for my upcoming senior comp exam,  i cannot even tell you how much i needed this break.

2. today was going to be filled with some studying, but i quickly vetoed that idea.  instead, today was sleeping in a little, mailing some packages, typing some letters, going to see a matinee, spin class, making dinner, a movie from the list, and bed.  best monday i’ve had all year.

3.  we got chick-fil-a to take in the movie with us, and we got all settled in and realized they forgot my chicken sandwich.  ah-booo.  the boy bought me a hot dog instead.

4.  part of our new year resolutions involved watching more movies.  forget self-improvement, and hand me some popcorn, i always say.  or, i say once.  right now.  ahem.  anyway, this resolution will no doubt stretch into next year, because we decided to watch all of the movies that have won best picture oscar.  we skip around the decades, because if i had to watch all the BPOW (best picture oscar winners) from the 1930’s in a row, i think i’d hurt myself.  thus far we have seen:

– terms of endearment
– in the heat of the night
– you can’t take it with you
– million dollar baby

this week we are knocking out casablanca and the godfather.  i suggested we make our own pizzas the night we watch the godfather.  any suggestions for casablanca?  wine is out, because i will totally fall asleep.  that movie is looooong.

5.  rewriting and sending thank you notes from christmas to the boy’s parents.  had written them out and apparently forgotten to mail them.  oy.  i’m a better late than never person on that.

6.  made my own envelopes out of an old road atlas.  sweet.

7.  addie’s second birthday party was on sunday, and it was lovely.  i made everyone admire the walkway in the backyard that i helped my brother shovel out from under dirt and rocks.  grill, cocktails, presents, cake, kids, good friends; i love parties at their house.

8.  my dad and mom discovered facebook over the weekend.

9. the boy and i spent some time with some homeless kids.  think i would like to spend more time with them.  looking into that.

10.  saw my friend kinsey and andy’s band houses play in denver.  they are so good, of course.  interesting evening, but nevertheless an excellent time.  we went to the requisite nasty 24 hour restaurant post-show, in our case – denny’s, for food that was overwhelmingly brown.  haven’t stayed up that late in awhile.  gt’s.  check out houses music here or their website here!  go, now.  you’ll like it.  yay for talented friends!

11.   i wore a cardigan nearly every day last week, and am now down to about one pair of jeans.  think anybody will notice?

12.  lovely dinner catching up and laughing laughing laughing with several old friends last night.  this year has been the year of seeing delightful old faces and meeting new ones.  i hope it continues; it has been amazing.

happy monday everybodyfriends.

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  1. Irene permalink
    24 March 2009 10:42 am

    This is soooo not an ughpdate! Things are looking good! Love you!


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