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(H)iatus or (H)ell to the No.

8 November 2011

oh, it’s only been a week and already i’m taking a hiatus.  a brief one–one day (today) from posting anything.  well, anything of merit, because we can clearly see i’m posting something.

nit-picky, you are.

i blame the following things for my ragey rage that’s all ragey which is the main reason for my 1-day hiatus of Posting Hopefully Interesting But At Least Temporarily Procrastinatory Things For You To Read, or PHIBALTPTPFYTRs, and instead counteracting everyone who is posting the things they are thankful for all month on facebook with one fell swoop:

– the college boys next door who are apparently getting a 4.0 in being loud and video games.  they are the valedictorians of not being able to control the volume of their voice or any electronic appliances.

– the general not-having-itness that comes from spending nearly two months living out of 2.5 suitcases, 6 whole foods bags, an iced tea maker, 2 messenger bags, 1 kermit the frog green reusable bag that i got as a groomsmaid gift from the harms’ wedding (hi holly & ben!), and 1 green purse.

– feeling inert and my running shoes giving me the nasty side-eye

– the internet with filling my brain with so much stimuli that it often turns to blergh (30rock anyone?)  does anyone else get the occasional feeling of chronic missing the boatness from the said internet machine?

– all that sugar i ate yesterday.  it was pleasant at the time, but i’m way over the sugar-over i’m feeling today.

– people who say “we was” instead of “we were”, besmirching my grammatically sensitive ears

have i mentioned my ragey red rage? it’s ragey.

and, to make sure we’ve been an equal opportunity blamer, i’m hereby blaming:

– el nino

– al qaeda

– the democrats

– the liberals

– the 99 and/or 1 percent

– that weird looking chicken nugget i ate earlier

– my husband for having the audacity to have a morning alarm (wha?) and turning a light on at the time we’re supposed to get up (the nerve!)

– the kardashians



p.s. everything is fine.  you know, in the general sense.  with my ragey rage next time, perhaps i’ll use more emoticons, like my husband’s uncle does.  after each text message phrase, he follows it with something like this: 🙂 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂:-). every. single. time. not with each message, but with each sentence in the message. 

p.p.s. i mean, how bad can things be when you have a west wing animated gif?  c.j., for the win.

p.p.p.s. i’m not living out of the iced tea maker, as my syntax would lead you to believe.  but we do carry it wherever we go.  under our job descriptions, it should read ‘tea drinker’.


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  1. 8 November 2011 6:52 pm

    I’m sorry you’ve got the mean reds. Maybe keep watching yesterday’s blog video until you feel a bit lighter.

    • 8 November 2011 8:36 pm

      good prescription, dr. anderson. i’ll take two [views] and call you in the morning.

  2. Sara Kay permalink
    8 November 2011 8:30 pm

    You are without a doubt one of the best I know at being entertaining while you gripe. Right there with ya. Recovering from the stomach flu. While 30 weeks pregnant. When I have to move in a month. After taking care of two children plus a husband with the stomach flu this week. Here’s hoping the third child escapes unscathed. But see, you’re so much more funny than me. 😉

    • 8 November 2011 8:36 pm

      oh, sara kay — you’ve got me beat. i mean, this is a pretty marginal gripe that i (for hopefully humorous purposes) blow all out of proportion, otherwise it would be come a Serious Gripe. it turns out that if i joke about it, it lightens me the crap up–which i desperately need.

      but stomach f lu (which my lovely font people turn into stomach Lu, which is what i’m going to call it from now on) — that is NO JOKE. and i don’t have kids. you win. a round of ginger root, bartender! [love you].

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