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(i), i, i, me, me, me.

9 November 2011

a little navel-gazing for your mid-week posting here.  but, as an extra-special alphabetical treat, i’ve made them all start with I, even if i’ve had to shove my words into their proverbial one-size too small ‘this will start with the letter I!’ pants and MAKE THEM FIT.  i’m not sure what a muffin-top made of words looks like, but here you go.


i am currently reading my 16th book of the year, which is way more than i thought would actually happen:

i’m about about 1/5 of the way through this 600-page book, but already i find it compelling enough that i want to read all day.  however, it’s not compelling in the “bow at the altar of steve jobs” kind of way, or the “let’s backlash against the apple worshippers lamenting his death” kind of way either.  it’s an interesting piece of our cultural history, and leaves you wondering if you respect, like or admire steve jobs more or less than when you started the book.  in short, it’s provocative without being controversial.  malcolm gladwell writes much more eloquently about its merits here, in an article that is entirely worth your attention, even if you don’t agree.

either way, after 150ish pages, i just want to give Woz a big hug and sit and marvel at my computer and all it’s fancy fanciness that i take for granted.

i also want to take an electronics class.

{interior design}

at the end of every year, my business partner (read: husband) and i sometimes end up investing money in our business or retirement accounts for tax reasons.  i’d get into all the details, except that it makes my head explode.  suffice it to say, this year we may need to look at things that our business needs and spend money on them, which i’ve translated into “Why, yes, your home office needs a makeover.”  my first stop is to replace my perfectly adequate industrial, ugly office chair with this:

i mean, i’d rather own an actual eames chair (drool-o-rama), but i don’t have giraffe money (i.e. having money be of such no object that you could feasibly house, feed, and care for a giraffe, in addition to knowing how much that cost). one day.


aside from its less-than-elegant visual appeal, i really wish this punctuation (a combination between the exclamation point and a question mark) caught on.  instead, we have the hyperbolic ?!?!?. so clunky.

{ice cream substitute}

this is TASTY.

i don’t even care if it’s cold outside.  like amy, i embrace the cold.  i fight cold with more cold.  and gelato.

you’ll want to try the raspberry.


drinking the free beer and eating the free chocolate chips they hand out this hotel.  i think the settlers in the colony are revolting, and by settlers, i mean fat, and by colony, i mean everywhere select parts on my body.

and i mean revolting in every sense of the word, verbal and adjectival.

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  1. 9 November 2011 11:40 pm

    I want to know how you pick your books. Do you see them in a store with a fancy cover? Do you read of them in magazines or other blogs? Or are you following some sort of list?

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