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{U} UV Rays.

30 November 2011

it’s the last day of november, which means i am officially only 4 days behind of my posting-every-day-or-bust schedule.

correction: 5 days behind, because somehow i missed the letter H.

[update: correction to the correction–i found H. right on my screen, between G and I, hidden SO WELL.–s.]

but, i can’t neglect the rest of the alphabet, so we press on.

perhaps we’ll have to rename it National Blog Posting Month And Some More.

NaBloPoMo, meet NaBloPoMoAddSoMo.


here is yet another Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys SuperMystery update of Epically Unimportant Proportions.

+    +    +    +

these are my favorite sunglasses of the moment.  classic mid-century shape, dark enough to become a stranger, and tortoiseshell to go with everything.

i got them on vacation in chicago, at urban outfitters on state street for about 15 dollars.  i actually was drawn to another pair (which i ended up getting as well), but the boy insisted that these were a good idea.

i should always listen to that boy.

i subsequently ended up wearing them every single day all summer long, until i promptly lost them in the abyss that is craig, colorado on our first trip up to grand junction.

for a week i wore other sunglasses, and although it was not the month of november, i was decidedly NOT THANKFUL for the sunglasses i already owned.

and in this grey cloud of first world problems, i came up with a truly american solution:

i had to re-buy them.

so i did.

(please tell me i’m not the only one who either re-buys identical items that they’ve lost/broken or buys multiple pairs of beloved jeans/glasses/shoes whenever possible?  yes, i see that hand.  and you, sir.  thanks guys.)

so, this is my second-pair of first-favorite sunglasses.

i need to take them off now, though, because i learned that the only two people who wear sunglasses indoors are blind people and assholes.

and i’m not blind.

here’s to sunny days ahead.

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  1. 30 November 2011 10:12 pm

    I have a favorite shirt. It’s from Target. It’s black. It’s a tissue thin long sleeved T. I had one, it got stained, it had holes, so next time I was in Target, I bought two more and threw out the old one. I’m pretty sure I will continue buying this item as long as they have it.

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