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pacific before tiger.

21 July 2008

pacific before tiger.” — life of pi.

when i think about the amount of things that i want/need/must accomplish in the next month/season/year, i can get overwhelmed to the point of paralysis.  some things feel so daunting that i feel immobile, which only perpetuates the issue more.  on some level i know things will get done, i will conquer, pieces will fall into place. 

this is ground level.

but my elevator shoots up awfully high at times, i get anxious watching all the numbers light up so rapidly.  it affects many things in life, mostly my ability to not just crawl in bed the moment i get home from being so tired.  i don’t sleep well right now.

so sometimes, i just decide to focus on one thing at a time.  at this point, it’s work.  i’m not going to feel horrific and lazy if i just don’t get much done during the evenings this last month at work.  i am going to choose little, conquerable things to accomplish, and just keep moving ahead.   conquer one thing at a time, and stop looking around in guilt at the things you feel you should have accomplished.  bask in the acceptance of the ones who love and accept you, and know that your motor is not completely stalled, but just nearly to port.

the pacific.  then the tiger.  chin up.


Listening To: Volume One – She & Him

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