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hello, lover.

10 April 2009

meet george michael, my new macbook.

much like the godfather, george michael the macbook came to me through a lovely set of unforseen circumstances.  a very lovely man (hi dad!) needed a new laptop, and had had his eye on mine since i got it four-ish years ago.  alas, they no longer make my super-portable little guy, so he made me an offer, and like the godfather, i couldn’t refuse.  between the offer, a sweet rebate, a discount for being a college student, and a little tax refund money, i couldn’t really lose.  call me parker lewis.

and although i love that little pc guy, and would definitely have kept him for many more years, it was too good to pass up.  good price for me, good time to upgrade, good time to make a switch (just to a laptop, not to the cult of cool – i’m not having the apple logo tattooed on my lower back, or anything) just, you know, all systems go.

and, well, it was time to have more fun with my laptop.

so i’ve made the pc to mac switch for now, and although i am much slower with my george at first, i trust that we are MFEO, and will get up to speed with all his fancy tricks very soon.   although, any and all suggestions welcome from you mac people.

au revoir, my little guy, enjoy your new home. welcome, george michael. gt’s to come.

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  1. Sarah permalink
    12 April 2009 8:02 pm

    ah, george michael. great name 😉

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