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snores & spats.

17 September 2008

things i saw at school today:

– the guy next to me in my literary theory class came to school dressed in the following: jeans, with holey knees which provided an excellent window for the gold & black, sweater-materialed, zebra-patterned leggings he was wearing, black shirt, black bandana on his head, black shoes and….

spats.  let me say that again: SPATS.

– the guy sitting next to me in my 8am intro to lit class fell asleep sitting up, then proceeded to snore through renaissance poetry, so loudly that the entire class heard it.  the teacher, lulled into a stupor by her own voice reading a script, managed to not experience the whole thing.

– my memoir paper is either due today, if i believe my classmates and professor, or monday, if i believe the syllabus.  syllabus = more free time.  score a point for the syllabus.

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  1. Matt permalink
    17 September 2008 1:03 pm

    tell me all about your literary theory class. reading list. impressions. professor. tell me everything.

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