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15 September 2008
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maybe this is just my school, but it seems like every interaction i have with the college of education, or education teachers makes me feel like i’m a moron and/or it is the most poorly organized class or procedure that i have at school.

shouldn’t it not be that way?

in other not news, my advanced composition professor said that based on my writing, i should go to graduate school and become a professor.

it is always, and i mean ALWAYS shocking to hear that my writing is anything other than amateur.

also? this pasta salad is amazing.

and? i think i did very well on my advanced grammar test.  it is definitely the nerdiest class i have.

i’m off to the university center now, to finish my reading for my class in two hours, and to wolf down the all-raw-vegetarian food i packed for my lunch.

if you want to know what that would taste like, just stick your head down in the dirt, add some bark, and some tasty vegetables, and it’s about right. 🙂

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  1. 16 September 2008 7:55 pm

    not that my vote counts in the university world, but i love your writing. and you.

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