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photo album: weekend

26 October 2008
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i needed a break this weekend, and i felt like taking photographs.

friday afternoon:

– getting all of my stuff out of my old car, and bidding a fond (and sad) farewell.

– remarking to the boy that i’m glad i took pictures of myself in my car now that its gone.


– another trip to target, then to the y for some running.

– stopped by tucker & julie’s (brother & sister-in-law) on the way back to the boy’s house, since they now live only 5 minutes away from each other. a fantastic fall day (one of the last, i’m sure) in the yard and puttering around.

the boys working on tucker’s vespa.

julie & addison enjoying some swinging time.

and many, many cute pictures of addie. i’m totally biased, but she is SOOOO cute. because of her amount of cuteness, however, my brother is convinced that his new son will be uncute. he’s only kind of kidding.


– church, then hamburgers and sharing malts with the boy. i’m pretty sure we’re going steady now, but i’m still waiting for his letter sweater.

– a small nap

– working on work and school, and not wanting to do either. whatever doesn’t get done today gets done tomorrow.

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  1. 28 October 2008 7:17 am

    you make me smile. plain and simple.

  2. Julie permalink
    28 October 2008 9:37 pm

    Hehe… i think she’s pretty darn cute too. And MAN- am I ever HUGE?!?!?! Cant WAIT to not be preggers anymore!


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