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monday morning ughpdate.

4 May 2009

1. i’m sick.

2. it’s very near finals week.

3. as in, next week, next week is finals week, which means this is pre-finals week, otherwise known as the week i have to write final papers.

4.  this is also known as the week where my head explodes and it is VERY UNHELPFUL to be sick.

5. i have a really great boy.  great, he is.  he brings me gingerale in little bottles.

6. i have to play piano in two days.  in front of people.  to songs i have not heard of.  why do i do this?

7. my friend erin had her first baby.  he is very very cute.

8. i just slept the equivalent of 2 days, and am still tired.  this should be a sign.

that’s all i got, folks.

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