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lust list: part one.

6 November 2008
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typerwriter love

olivetti manual typewriter.

desperately want this.  i have an old antique typewriter, which i love, but it’s so tempermental that it becomes more of decorative piece than functional.

i want old-school, typed letter, clack clack clack, envelopes on stamps kind of functional.  plus, it comes with replacement ribbon.


lego speaker

ipod lego speaker.

it speaks for itself, and it’s sooooo cool.  saw it at the container store last weekend.

spy camera.

spy-book camera.

okay, not nearly as functional in every day use as the other ones, but COME ON.

this is so 007 and you know it.

charlie brown tree

charlie brown tree.  i want to hug this tree.

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  1. 6 November 2008 1:58 pm

    i love the typewriter. eileen and i both got typewriters for christmas in 8th grade, and we typed each other letters NONSTOP. they were so cool. there is nothing like the delete/backspace button on a computer though…it has made me quite the sloppy and carefree typer.

  2. 7 November 2008 12:30 pm

    it’s true. typewriters make me go through a lot of paper and take way too long to write. but i love them for that.

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