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working through the suck.

17 November 2008
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writing this paper has been my own personal seventh circle of hell insert another hideous analogy here arduous.  the finish product is literally the best i can do, but my best today is really, really terrible.  i have no idea why, but it is like i am thinking through mud.

if you’ve ever seen the scene from my best friend’s wedding, where the best man is giving the speech and just keeps repeating the phrase “love and happiness” about 6 times in various forms, then you can basically get a feel for what this paper sounds like to me.

we hope for the best, because the book it was on is way better.

ugh.  i did way better on the other 10 PAPERS I HAVE WRITTEN IN THE LAST TWO MONTHS.  right?


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  1. 17 November 2008 6:01 pm

    that movie is so great. it is highly underrated, and in my top five. and the part i reference most often is the hallway scene where julia roberts offers the bellhop-who-is-now-almost-more-famous-than-her a drag of her smoke and he says, “this too shall pass.”

  2. 17 November 2008 6:23 pm

    i think i have seen that movie, and laughed with equal intensity, over a hundred times. i can just see you quoting it. i think the part i reference the most, usually when accepting invitations, is when george decides to stay and says “love the bag, love the shoes, LOVE TO.”


  1. p.s. « smorgasbundle.

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