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the hits…

20 November 2008

just keep on coming.

many things in my life are pants* (thank you, british slang) right now, so instead of thinking about them i’m going to look at this picture instead and ignore my life momentarily:


definitely not pants.

sigh. moment of zen-like pause.

can we have a blog that shows me pictures like this every single day, kind of like this one,
but not all the same animal?

because how could things be so bad with pictures like that?

let’s look at it again.


*i do, in fact, realize that this is ‘just life’ and ‘not all bad’ and it has a ‘silver lining’ and i don’t ‘live in a shack down by the river’ [extra points to you if you know that pop culture reference]. in fact, i’m thinking directly of two people who gave me life who are being angelic to me despite my becoming shiva the destroyer this week. and another, who is charmingly putting up with my melodrama. however. right now everything i touch seems to break. also? i spilled my fries. and? my computer won’t stop asking me if i want to connect to a network that i’m already connected to. pants.

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  1. 21 November 2008 10:15 pm

    That is a wonderful duck picture = there are far to few wonderful duck pictures it would seem. It also appears that it is time for me to brush up on my British slang.

  2. IRENE permalink
    25 November 2008 5:33 pm

    Chris Farley. I get points.

    You know sometimes life can just be a pain in the arse but you just gotta slam on your anchors, take a breath and look at a duck. you’ll be alright.

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