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new year, new songs.

19 January 2009

first, listen to this song:  wires*

next, buy this album.  or, in the spirit of economic crisis, just copy it from your friend.  no, buy it.  it is totally worth it.  and stealing is bad.  BAD.


last, be happy.  bouncy.  or at least, up with the new music of the Young People of Today.

*this is off coconut records second album, coming out tomorrow.  this is jason schwartzman’s band, and i always wanted to dislike his musical talent after being so impressed at his acting talent (shopgirl, i heart huckabees, the darjeeling limited, etc.) but…it’s soooo good.  his first album, Nighttiming, was one of the best of 2007, and i pushed it on nearly all of my friends like crack.  successfully.

very excited about the new album.  and so should you.


your musical pimp

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