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notes in class.

3 February 2009

– i was reading an blog who mentioned this doctor, dr. bazilian, who wrote an article with all kinds of nutrition-related information in it.  i couldn’t really remember what it was talking about because i was fixated on the fact nobody said anything about his name was DOCTOR BAZILLION.  exclamation point!  very super-hero like – I. AM. DR. BAZILLION!!

– i just sat through a 7 minute debate in the writing center about whether the words “well populated” in the phrase “well-populated area” should be hyphenated.  2 votes for hyphenation, 2 votes against. 

– i get my hair cut by my friend meg, who i don’t see very often, and sometimes i think that i like spending time with her almost as much as i like getting my hair cut.  that’s saying something.  i have a hair cut/friend appointment with her in an hour.

– i have 120 pages to read before tomorrow.  one is chaucer, thus reading it in middle english, of which i have a low tolerance and gives me a high headache.  the other is edith wharton. 

– why am i an english major?

– everyone in my classes tends to label certain other people in the classes (because, as  you get to the junior/senior level classes, you see the same people in each class).  as in – “the brown noser orange shoe guy”  or  “curly haired tea girl”.  or in my case “annoying girl” or “annoying boy”.  i’m so clever.

i wonder – what do they call me when they don’t know my name? 

– that last thought will trouble me for hours.

– i’ve been in a funk for the last week.  i want to be left alone and yet not alone; i want to be amused and entertained yet i don’t want to laugh at anything; i am a walking contradiction and i pity my boyfriend this week.

– i wish i was going home to a dog this evening.  my dog.  hemingway.  the beagle.

– does my professor realize he assigned 75 pages of chaucer to be read in 2 nights?

– i need to start eating breakfast.  why is this such a hard habit for me to cultivate?

– here’s a picture i like.  color me black.


– i totally shut down in one of my writing classes today.  it’s because something i said was misunderstood by the professor, and she argued with me in class.  not for very long – this was like two sentences.  but i absolutely just shut down and didn’t talk again until the end of class.  i really hate being misunderstood – especially when i’m trying to understand what i myself am saying, which i happen to do by DISCUSSION.  these catch-22 situations are going to kill me.

– i scored a 97 out of 100 on my grammar test in my history of english language.  it was to assess how much we knew going into it.  this is the same test i got a 68 on a semester ago. 

– this does not mean i write well.

– this means i have to revise a lot.

– are you still reading?  i don’t know that i would recommend that.

and…we’re clear.  good blog.

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