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6 February 2009

i can’t sleep.   i got a violent migraine earlier.  my fault, i didn’t eat enough today and that’s what happens to me.  thought it would just be a headache, but it went on too long (all afternoon) and then i got light-sensitivity and then heaved the crackers i had earlier.

disgusting, that.

anyway.  the only cure for my migraines is to sleep and hope they are gone when i wake up.  i went to sleep at 6:30, woke up at 8:30 with a slight headache, a great improvement.  called the boy, which was very pleasant.  this was good for reasons i’m not going in to.  tried desperately to go back to sleep for the next 3 hours.


i would read my book for school, but it’s outside in the car and i’m not inclined to get it, because it’s cold and…because.  so i’m typing this.  i don’t have school tomorrow, and i haven’t heard from work so i officially have nothing to do tomorrow except show up at the gym for meg and julie.  swim class in the dead of winter.  i must really like these friends.  yep, i do.

also, i have a buttload of homework.  i mean, homework that will take me a good 8-10 hours, and then some work on top of it.  must get caught up this weekend.

maybe this is why i can’t sleep too?

i like that ace of cakes is on late at night.



editors note:  45 minutes later, still up.  poked around online, and this post was made just this week, about what else?  insomnia.  perfect picture for this.  okay, now attempting bed again.


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