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monday ughpdate.

16 March 2009

1.  my mom gets back from costa rica today, a little earlier than planned due to some unforseen circumstances surrounding the person she was going with.  nothing life-threatening, just lame.

she has spent the last week watching monk with spanish subtitles, using her laptop more than she has in the past decade combined i think, and eating brownies in the cold.

she’s ready to be back.

2. last night the boy and i babysat for addie and thomas so that tucker & julie could go on a date without either of the kids.  holy cow!  addie was a dreamboat, and even did her Addie Dance of Joy for us twice.  in case you haven’t witnessed this event of amazingness, it is when addie pulls up her pants at the knees so they are bunched around her thighs and stomps while giggling.  is is a sight. to. behold.

the little buddy was less than thrilled, but seemed to do fine for a few hours, you know, as long as someone was holding him in the Right Position ALL THE TIME – DON’T STOP BOUNCING MEEEEEE WHILE WALKING AROUND I MEAN IT!  then, around 9:30, that was no longer good enough, and the parents had to come home to rescue him from his state of starvation.

good things he’s incredibly cute.

it was part of our birthday gift to my brother, and totally worth it.

3.  in strokes of sheer brilliance, my classmates scheduled/rescheduled my last 2 midterms and a paper for wednesday, which means after my birthday, which means after st. patricks day, which means my birthday is no longer involving any drinking of any kind.

it does, however, involve a dinner at a surprise location with the boy, so i’m excited.

but all of my classmates in chaucer and history of the english language?  YOU ARE ON THE LIST.  capital letters.  except for the ones in my senior comps study group.  you’re cool.

4.  seventy degrees in march, folks.  i predict april to smack us around verily.

5.  yeah, i said verily.

6.  apparently it is no longer english as a second language (ESL) but english language learners (ELL).  main reason for this?  everyone else is getting smarter, and english is, like, their ninth language.

awesome, world.

7.  this past weekend i had two baby showers to attend.  i’m cool with the giving of advice (although i usually don’t have much to add except things like “be sure to get cable while on maternity leave” or “don’t forget to do things with your friends who have no kids, they still will hang out with you” or “stay cool”…and i’m cool with cake, obviously.  i can say, however, that i HATE baby games.  just hate them.  all kinds, any kind.  one baby shower had a few games, which went over well.  the other one, for one of my oldest friends, was delightfully sans games.  and we didn’t even have to pass the presents around either.  good times.

8.  yes, all of this is true.

9.  my niece addison refuses to say my name or anything near it.  she says everything else, and then points to me when asked to say my name.

10.  this week is midterms, my birthday, some school observation, a lot of little things to cross of a lot of big lists, and then…

SPRING BREAK.  whoooooooo!

i’ve never been so excited for spring break since i was in high school, about a decade ago.  i’d totally make a face and then pour a yard of margarita down my front and flash you, if i was, say, in daytona beach or the person who goes to daytona beach for spring break.

but i am none of those things, so instead, i think i’ll just celebrate with sleep.

happy monday, dears.

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  1. Sarah permalink
    16 March 2009 12:59 pm

    Happy Monday, to you too!

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