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and hemingway’s ‘the sun also rises’ is actually a weather report.

26 March 2009

me: thanks for the tea, dear. you can just set it over here next to my book.
boy: your book’s called Fasting, Feasting? what’s that for?
me: a book for my english senior comprehensive exam.
boy: oh. i thought it was a book from your nutritionist.

* * * *

we are currently in our faux-blizzard, which we prefer to endure on the couch after going out to get some hot chocolate. the store actually had no hot chocolate (what the heck? in colorado?) so instead we got chocolate chip cookies to go with english breakfast tea (with milk & sugar) that the boy just brought me.

and if i hadn’t caught a ride with my sister down to his house, he would have come and gotten me just so i could spend the blizzard with him. pretty great, he is.

this should hopefully make up for the fact that he’s sitting next to me biting his fingernails, a habit that is about ready to make my head explode. maybe. pass me another cookie, and i’ll think about it.


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  1. 26 March 2009 7:41 pm

    Dr P told Nick to take Alfalfa for nail biting, of all things. He says it calms down the nervous system. You know…so you know.

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