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he has good taste, obvs.

9 April 2009

the boy was liking this guy’s work, so i poked around to see what i thought.  love it.  love it so much i would say that i luuuurve it.  i pretty much want this color palette for my entire house.  you know, the one in my imagination since i live in a cavement (cave-like basement) ala chez parent’s house.

and, i would like this painting too.

and a paddle game.

that’s all i need.

that’s not too much to ask, right?

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  1. auntsarie permalink
    9 April 2009 3:19 pm

    very nice. i love those colors. before conforming to living with a) 34 year old man and b) teenage girls, i had lots of that kinda stuff in my apartment.

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