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conversation on higher education.

17 April 2009

[helping me study for my senior exam]

mom: so what would you say is the main theme of this book?

me: i’d say, centrally it is about the oppression of women in society by men.

mom: okay, how about this one?

me: how women’s lives are shaped and determined by men around them.  in victorian times.

mom: okay, what about this one?

me: this one is about how a group of bachelors and how they are all free, educated and have opportunity, and then part two features a bunch of maids and widows who have a crappy life producing paper for the men.

mom: seriously?

me: yes…i mean, they mention other things, but…

mom: i hate to ask, but what about this one?

me: um…how women are denied education in favor of offering it to the men. basically, more oppression of women. oh, AND FOOD.

mom: sigh.

dad: i’m depressed already. [exit dad]

the end.

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