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monday morning ughpdate.

20 April 2009

– 60 degrees out, folks.  this ALMOST redeems the snowstorm we had over the weekend.  i say almost, because the snow was actually fluffy, pretty and short-lived (three things it should always be) and i would have enjoyed it except…

IT CANCELLED MY SENIOR EXAM.  grumble.  so, i have to take it this saturday.

70 degree weather projected all week long.  i’m taking it as a small consolation prize, and bringing my books outside.

– i have new sunglasses for summer, and they are white and fantastic.  see pictures below.

– going to see flight of the conchords and iron & wine at red rocks in may for the boy’s birthday.  it was to be a surprise, but he tends to plan things when there are not plans already specified.  so i told him this weekend.  and it was still a surprise 🙂

– four more weeks of school.

– i realize how much i like to cook when i have my own kitchen that is not shared with anyone.  my own food, my own dishes, my own space.  i miss that.

– where was the blender this morning?

– whilst doing homework, i consumed 2.5 back to back chick movies.  two weeks notice and the holiday were on tv right after each other, and made of honor was on my netflix, which i didn’t finish, as i’ve already seen it.  i like sunday afternoon movies.

– the boy goes to kentucky on thursday.  it’s an interesting notion to miss him, since i haven’t really experienced that since he moved here.  i kind of like missing people sometimes.  it makes me remember that not only do i like them, but i really really like them.  like, like-like them.  you know.

– my oldest niece had to write a paragraph for a school assignment about someone who inspired her.  she couldn’t think of any celebrity that inspired her amongst the many she likes.  so then she thought about her family, and nothing was really striking her until she thought about me.  so she wrote about how i inspire her because of my personality, style and humility.  she tells me this, nonchalantly, as we drive in the car to go get some chicken nuggets.


more than anything going on this week, midterms, my senior exam, application letters…the best possible recommendation i could get, that i value the most, came from my 14-year-old niece.  they always come when you least expect it, from a seemingly unlikely source, and at exactly the right time.

made my week, my month, my year, i tell you.  love that kid.

this website made me laugh so hard this weekend that i was shaking.  it had the boy and my brother laughing too, although that could have been in part because i was so ridiculously losing it.  particularly look at the mid-easter section involving the “mr. pickle-ears” cake and the one after.  that was the tipping point.

have a good week, friends and blurkers 🙂

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