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29 May 2009

retro amtrak

we are going to vancouver, BC in july.

our good friends christopher and asia are currently there while christopher attends vancouver film school, and since we hardly need an excuse to go see them and have always wanted to visit vancouver, we really couldn’t say no.

we were originally going to spend a little more time in seattle, but, wanting to do this cheaply given our respective financial situations (read: somewhat poor!), we decided to just do the vancouver part because it’s clearly enough by itself.

when we looked up the transportation options to get to vancouver from seattle, we were greeted with the lovely retro-tinged train schedule which was incredibly pretty and completely indecipherable.  we somehow managed.

i wanted to take the train, but the schedule doesn’t really work with our flights.  so instead, we will fly into seattle in the morning, stash our bags at the train station, and spend the day in downtown seattle (i am so excited to return, i can’t believe that i miss it as much as i do.)  we then board a bus in the evening to vancouver, and get in late.  spend 4 days in vancouver, and then travel home on the last day the same way we came.

$150 for plane tickets pretty much rules, people.

glad we could do this cheaply, because we are trying to save some duckets for a hopefully fantastic vacation next summer between my graduation and teaching in the fall.  the boy has a very large stash of frequent flier miles that he needs to use by next summer, and we are hoping to make it across the pond.  greece with cousin heather, or london with oye, or maybe australia with the burchs?  hope, hope, hope.

i don’t know how, but i have managed to take a real out-of-state vacation every summer for the last 6 years.  san francisco many many times, nashville, las vegas, arizona, los angeles…i am very blessed.  09 is the summer of canada.

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