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a very short movie review: the english patient (oscar movie # 7)

30 May 2009

me: so, what’s the verdict?

boy: how is it possible that after 3 hours, i don’t care about any of these characters?

me: i don’t know.   i just kept watching, hoping that something would happen that made sense or that i would give a crap about.

boy: yeah.  perhaps it would have been better had they just cut it in half?

me: and titled it “be patient” instead of “the english patient”.

boy: yeah.  well, it’s 3 hours of my life i’m not getting back again.  fargo should have won instead.  even jerry maguire was better, and that’s saying something.

me: i agree.

[long pause]

boy: what are you doing?

me: i’m trying to remember a time before we started watching the movie…i can’t.

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