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all this fuss.

1 June 2009

i’ve heard fairly consistent fuss about the rainy weather.

and i love it.
i love that the sun is out in the morning.
i love that it rains so long that it continues in the evening.
i love that the threat of rain causes people to maximize their time in the sun.
i love that it makes it conducive to staying inside and reading, or watching the oscar movies with the boy.
i love that through the magnification of clear rain, everything looks more green, more alive, more exciting.
i love the ominous look of deep grey clouds.
i love the torrential downpours and the idle drops of a light sprinkle, light enough to catch it on your face and walk around.
i love weather that calls for galoshes.

the fussy weather is, in short, fantastic.

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  1. Sarah permalink
    3 June 2009 11:30 pm

    My thoughts exactly. The only thing you forgot was that rain also calls for candles – I’m convinced that the reason Germans light one at every meal is because it drives away the gloom of a rainy day.


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