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where ya been, and whatcha been doing?

20 July 2009
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in the words of ms. bradshaw, i’ve been outside, and what’s up is…

it’s the summer.  beyond being concussed, i have been working in the writing center, reading masters degree theses and explaining how comma splices work.

oh, i’ve done other things too.

wood carving festivals in small towns, baseball games, rhubarb pies, longboard adventures that don’t involve trips to the hospital, new shoes, old friends, sun, rain, anniversary picnics, cocktails, new menus at favorite cafes, etc.

and i’ll be sure to tell you all about it, but maybe with more pictures than words.

see, nathaniel hawthorne once said that easy reading is damn hard writing.

it’s true.

i admire many writers who can turn a phrase, wrap you around their finger with prose, take you under with waves and waves of clever words.

me? well, i’m just flattered that you stop by for a quick one-sided chat with my uneven (but earnest! genuine!) prose.

so, pictures will come forth.


after i get done packing.


i’m going to vancouver in two days.


i got my passport out a month in advance.

thrills, really.  i get to see lovely friends in a lovely city with a lovely boy.  also?  a stop in seattle on the way there, you say, with more visits from old friends?  well, fancy that.

my goal is to pack efficiently, enjoy the trip presently, gaze at my boy charmingly, and take photographs only of things that i love.  adoringly.

and solve crimes.

just kidding.

it will be an adverbial wonderland, and i plan on eating my way through the pacific northwest.  anytime i can see open water, every seafood restaurant gets my wide-eyed vote for dinner.  and i’ll have just enough time to nostalge my dear old seattle streets, forging my past with my present as the boy and i stroll about.

i only have 17 more things on my ‘to fearlessly attempt to do before i leave’ list and then i can tackle the ‘packing for vancouver like a badass’ list.

[editorial note: these are real lists with actual titles.  rest assured, i am exactly that nerdy.]

so.  yes.  and.  i have no way to end this well.  so…


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  1. Kelsey permalink
    26 July 2009 9:55 pm

    I wish I could write as well as you. I love reading your stuff! Especially this entry…it makes me want to get out and do more! I hope you have a great trip :o) See you soonly…yay class!

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