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4 September 2009

i’m really getting back in to (or did i just never really get out of) statement jewelry: necklaces, hairbands, rings.  lately this has veered into an obsession with fabric jewelry, with a focus on necklaces.  that sounds like a college major, i think: i’m majoring in badass accessories, with a minor in jewelry, emphasis in necklaces.   i think this may be the accessory equivalent of my love of quotes.  just one thing — simple, poignant, that says everything all at once.  my bling’s got depth, yo.

i may have spent too much time in Unnamed High School this week.

let’s not think about that.  look at pretty things instead.  good idea.

okay, i’m done now.  i mean, i’m never really done, but i have to read early american literature and have john edwards tell me that god spites me and sees me as a bug, so you see, i have Very Important Things to do.

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