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they’re called the logarhythms, people.

22 September 2009

true story.

despite being featured currently on network television both positively (glee) and humorously (the office), acapella groups will always be endearingly dorky, but dorky nonetheless.  and it’s not because they sound bad (they don’t) or because of the outfits (not always the lamest) or even because of the goofy looks on their faces while they snap their fingers and find their groovy beats (kind of cute, right?).

why, then?


don’t believe me?

check it out.

but how, HOW, can you not like this (or at least the few minutes i watched before i was so annoyed from childhood flashbacks of the nintendo taking over the television for the entire summer that i had to turn it off)?  i mean they are acting it out.  ACTING LIKE MARIO.  or luigi.  as adults.  not. on. halloween.  while singing the theme song.

okay, they win.

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  1. 22 September 2009 8:49 pm

    voicemale was a group at my college! for real. . . but i think the logarhythms take the cake.

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