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an invincible summer.

11 October 2009

i am always totally unprepared for cold weather.

bird coat

as summer redecorates for fall, and then cleans house for winter, i find myself in a two-week window where i am fully unaware as to what season i am in.  i forget that yes, YES, ABSOLUTELY YES i need a coat each and every time i leave the house.  i forget to add 15 minutes to every drive time to allot for warming up of cars and, eventually, scraping of windows and cursing of temperature.

resistance is futile, however.

as my good friend sara said to me last night, cold weather is no problem if you have really warm clothes.  true story.

so you have to give in.  give in to the cold weather, the biting wind, the icy roads.  come prepared with salt and scrapers in the car, mittens, coat and hat (NEVER forget the hat!), and go searching now for cute winter shoes.  (side note:  how come all the cutest shoes are summer/fall shoes?  i can’t seem to find cute winter non-heel shoes that aren’t clunky boots.  help is always welcome.  thanks — eds.)

fur hat

this week i transition with the weather, moving from time at Unnamed High School to Unnamed Middle School.  i am, at best, nonplussed at this change, as i’ve grown fairly attached and used to high school.   as difficult as some of my students are, as challenging as it is to be in someone else’s classroom, as much as there are days that i go home wondering if i will ever, EVER be good at this, i know that this is precisely where i’m supposed to be; where i want to be.

i am in the center.

so, then, it’s hard for me to move literally, and figuratively, 1/2 mile away from center.

what i find with this, as it is with winter, that it takes me a little bit of time to figure out what season i’m in.  but, if i just go with it, accept it with both arms and just shiver through the assault of low temperatures and new surroundings, i acclimate.  and then, amidst the changes of weather, i experience the beauty of the new season.

the philosopher albert camus said that in the depths of winter is when you learn you have, inside yourself, an invincible summer.

cuddle up, it’s going to be good.

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  1. Sara Kay permalink
    12 October 2009 9:45 am

    and if you have red scarves with white birds on them, well, you’re REALLY in good shape for cold weather.

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