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monday morning ughpdate.

7 December 2009

now that i’m back to the land of the living blogging, we shall resume with our regularly scheduled programming: the monday morning update.  i’m stealing this from the delightful sara, who i believe stole this from someone else.

Outside my window… it is fa-reezing.  i’m looking at a snowy slushy mess from the loveliness of my sister’s living room, surrounded by christmas decorations, a bouncy dog, and my nieces who are relating all of the high school/middle school drama happenings.

I am thinking…about my wedding dress. (more on that later, i’m sure.)   about the food for the wedding.  about who we are going to find for the photography for the wedding.  can you tell i’m thining about the wedding? 🙂  i’m also thinking about the assignments i have left to do in the last weeks of the semester.  i’m thinking about the holidays, and how i’m going to wrap presents this year.  i traditionally like brown paper with string, but i’m thinking something different this year.  there is this japanese rice tape that comes in all sorts of colors that would be fun to experiment with for christmas presents.

I am hearing…my niece discuss the drama and scold her sister for eating 4 cupcakes in one day.  they are also yelling at the dog, who is CRAZY.

Some highlights from the week…i had a good teaching day on friday.  i did an apostrophe review for my 7th graders, complete with a who wants to be a millionaire game show with prizes.  the principal observed me, and it went well…and was fun.  i needed to have a good teaching day, because as a student teacher, they are RARE 🙂  this is one of those things where you have to put a lot of work in before it starts getting a lot of fun, and i’m in the work part.

i had a fun time wedding dress trying on with a few bridesmaids and meg (the unofficial bridesmaid) on friday evening.  there was nobody in the store, because apparently a wedding dress store is not the happening date location.  it was fun, we found a lovely dress, they all cried, we laughed, and then i had a good dinner and chat with friend sarah.  i heart my friends.  i was telling sarah that when i imagined my wedding, the biggest thing i wanted was a bunch of people to share it with and do all the weddingy things with.  i am really blessed (and i don’t really use that term much) by my friends this week.

I am thankful for…my mother, my french boyfriend and the fact that now i never have to go to holiday parties by myself, and five guys burgers.  seriously, people.

From the kitchen…i think i’m going to omit this one from now on, because i’m pretty much never cooking these days.  i believe the only thing coming from the kitchen is stouffer’s mac & cheese and most recently, a cupcake.

I am wearing…the only pair of boots i own, my first grown-up shoe purchase from seattle in 2003.  and that’s it.

just kidding.  i’m wearing my rolled up jeans which i had to put on AFTER my boots because they are tighter at the bottom, my favorite black dress that i’m seriously considering having a seamstress make me copies of, a black cardigan and pigtails.  socks?  red, along with my bright red peacoat and grey scarf/mittens.  i’m very very toasty, and only a little bit piratey looking (the boots).

I am reading…entirely too many wedding blogs.  i need to cut myself off.  i’m also rereading roald dahl’s autobiography, “Boy”, to my boy aloud on saturday mornings.  i’m avoiding reading my textbooks, although i need to start reading them.  i’m still reading made to stick, which is phenomenal.

I am hoping…to be able to get through the first chunk of american literature papers quickly.  otherwise, i get distracted and discouraged.  i need this literature monkey to get off my back.

One of my favorite things…is thinking about the upcoming holiday break i have.  i’m done with being in the schools this friday, and done with my classes next friday, and i’m looking forward to time with the french boyfriend, the family, and going to craig to see a bunch of his friends for christmas.

A few plans for the rest of the week…getting done with middle school and my assignments for the year.  we’re also planning on getting our caterer nailed down and hoping to move forward on photographers.  and, oh yes, a wednesday night date.

A picture thought I’m sharing…

this is a picture from my niece fred and i’s recent trip to see wicked the musical.  she’s lovely, and certainly not allowed to be too sexy for her shirt until she’s at least 60.  but i’ve spending more time with my nieces lately, and that makes me very very happy.

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