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1 February 2010

i picked up a lovely new scarf this weekend, and i really don’t want to take it off.  it’s soft, and thin, and makes everything a little more fun.  $8 at the buffalo exchange, compliments of my french boyfriend who (as usual) graciously bought it for me upon my realization (as usual) that i left my wallet in the car (as usual).  ignore the bad hair and tired look on my face, and look at how GREAT this scarf is.  LOOK!  SCARF!  PUNCTUATION!

we were in denver spending the evening with our good friends garrett and courtney (and their dog, jetski) having drinks and dinner at steuben’s, where we refrained from ordering the drink for six people that is served in a fish bowl.  this was followed by inappropriate laughter at select awkward phrases from garrett’s ancient mountaineering book and lots of throwing jetski’s gross stuffed animal around for fetching.

in the morning we met ben and holly, my good friends from nashville and some of my favorite people in the world, who were in town for a long weekend.  they were in already good company, bringing along their friend erin and colby & tiffany, nashville transplants who now live in denver.

we ate at city o city, which won many accolades from our somewhat skeptical crowd.  their breakfast choices are not vast, but who needs many choices when everything tastes so good?  not me.  i recommend the sweet potato cinnamon bun, and having brunch conversation that ranges from horse vets to gun control to shady rock and roll venues to the state of education.

after perusing the buffalo exchange where i acquired the aforementioned scarf, we hightailed it down to the springs to make it to our pre-marital counseling session somewhat on time, which required someone to run a light because it refused to turn to green.  i then learned that i have no problems whatsoever, and am practically perfect in every way, including our relationship.  but of course!


scheduling things on the weekends reminds me to have a life.   and if i forget, fitz (my teacher at Unnamed High School) shoves me out the door on fridays and yells at me to LET IT GO ALREADY and forget all about teaching for awhile.

i’m surrounded by really great people.  [this means you.]

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