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8 March 2010

1. it has been awhile since a monday update, hasn’t it.  we won’t chat about that.  quickly moving on…

2. i watched the oscars last night, as i do every year.  i do enjoy steve martin and alec baldwin together, i don’t care for what.  we’ll have to add the hurt locker to our oscar movie watching list, which stalled out at godfather II, because we just don’t have that kind of time to watch 4 HOURS of the corleones, folks.

our hiatus also may have something to do with my commandeering our regular movie night with the harris’ to watch movies i have to preview for school.  what, the crucible isn’t fun friday night movie fare? 🙂

i have very merciful friends.

3. we had a lovely birthday dinner for my sister, brother and i at biaggi’s.  i love that family gatherings have resumed being fun and easy (easier) to plan.  say what you will about social media, but it makes getting a family of 7 + kids together WAY easier and with much less confusion.  i can’t believe my brother will be 30…because that means i’m a year away from it 🙂

4. sad about the miscarriage (sister-in-laws, not mine).  jules has talked about this already on her blog, so i won’t go into it, but it’s always more than a little sad for me each time.   i have sympathy sadness.

5. my juniors are (or at least some of them are) getting into the crucible.  it certainly makes teaching more fun when their attitude is more, shall i say, buoyant.  now if only i can figure more stuff out that makes that more possible…

6. speaking of good moments in teaching (as i’ve learned to really relish and enjoy them as they come and not worry about how quickly they can disappear), i unexpectedly had the principal of my school come observe me instead of my normal evaluator, and he gave me a stellar review.  gave very specific and helpful feedback, but also really liked it and wanted to come watch me again.  i really appreciate specific (and positive!) feedback from someone who says that he doesn’t impress easily.

today was a good day. 🙂

7. you know how boring it is to watch people take tests for 4 hours without being able to do ANYTHING except watch them?  in case you wanted to know, it’s worse than watching paint dry.  it’s like watching someone who is sleeping through hours of static on their television next to watching paint dry.

in case you were wondering.

8. the boy and i met with our marriage counselors tonight.  they seem very nice, and personality-wise we have a decent bit in common.  they had the results of our extensive personality tests, and there were exactly ZERO surprises.  they thought we were very well-suited for each other and we were exactly in the middle of the “balanced relationship” section.

i tend to agree.

9. speaking of the boy, i’ve been missing him a lot these days.  which is strange.  since we live in the same town, talk every day, and see each other multiple times in the week.  i think it’s just….time.   it’s just that time where it’s time to have our time be together.   yet, bizarre that we’ll be getting married in only 3 months.

10. yes.  all these things are true.

11.  the new village inn logo is horrible, but the interior redesign is actually nice.  which weirds me out.  i wanted to a world where the crappy village inn stays a cloudy, smoky, crappy circa 1977 village inn.  they had to get all redesigny on me.  i’m not saying this actually affects my life much, because being that the boy spent his childhood years at the kitchen table of his local village inn, we don’t frequent the village inn in town much.  or at all.  or ever.  but we had occasion to be in one lately, and it was weird.

12. spring break = 2 weeks.

13.  it bears repeating: SPRING BREAK = 2 WEEKS.  woooo!

14. scheduling some lovely engagement pictures with the even more lovely jannelle this month.  i am excited about this.

15.  hmmm.  yes.  that’s all i got.  15 is a nice round figure.

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