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from the vault.

22 January 2011

i occasionally like to look through the vault of my old blog, perusing what my meandering thoughts were on this day 6 years ago, 5 years ago, and was i really that obsessed with the tv show the O.C.?  goodness.

this stroll down memory lane [you know, the street that so often ends in a cul-de-sac of cliche] certainly comes with its rewards, little gems worth remembering.

today, here’s one which reminds me of my friend jessica’s story about accidentally mispronouncing the names of students on the first day of school.  she apparently had a friend with two students whose names were Orangejello and Yellowjello (but pronounced “oh-ronge-ello” and his twin brother “yell-onge-ello” as they snottily informed their teacher).

yeah.  so, here’s one from the vault.


March 3, 2008

holly [a friend & co-worker from a previous job] and i were discussing some of the more interesting names we’ve heard recently, particularly from some of our friends who are from other countries/ethnicities, countries that won’t end up having a whole generation of 86 year olds named “tiffany” or “madison”.

this is the story she told me:

i was shopping at the mall over the weekend.  we see this group of african-american kids, with some parent-looking folks with them (ostensibly theirs).  we’re browsing around and we see this teenage girl pointing to the display counter saying:

“that’s my name.  that’s my name.  and that’s my name…”

as she trails off, we hear shouting from a parent:

“clinique!  get your ass over here!”

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