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blog point oh.

10 March 2011

are we enjoying the new digs?  i suppose along with decorennovating my office, ye olde blog needed a little facelift.  also, i needed to dust off (and by dust off, i mean excavate, attach to a winch, and make a big HEAVING sound towards) my photoshop skills, which i used to make my sparkly new heading.

this may or may not have involved technical advice help from the husband, which may or may not have involved the biting off of heads and many sad apologies.  all from me.

i also dropped a name, but in a cleaning-out-simplifying kind of way, not in a i’m-related-to-matthew-mcconaughey-by-marriage-aren’t-you-impressed kind of way.


i am.

or, i was, until my sister was no longer married.


where were we?

yes, we’ve slimmed down here over at {sara, darling}, bidding bon voyage to our smorgasbundle.* titleage.  it surely still fits the definition of a smorgasbundle, but it was sounding, oh, i don’t know, a bit buffet-like, which reminded us of congealed mashed potatoes and teeth-clickingly sweet lemonade, and that just won’t do.

you’ll see some other changes here and there, but pay no mind.  just enjoy the nice change of clean sheets of writing over here, and come back to comment often.

or at all.

hugs and bunnies,

sara (darling!)

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