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i got 99 problems, and a scheduled internet website maintenance is the main one.

9 March 2011

my reworked Jay-Z lyrics just roll off the tongue, no?

now that we are decorennovating (see what i did there: decorate, renovate, innovate all combined into a superword) casa derose, i finally have justifcation and reason to buy a print that i love from an artist that the boy and i both love, frank chimero.

and of course, after eyeing it for the past year or so, right when i get ready to buy it, the site is down for maintenance. [update: big cartel, the shop site, responded uber-fast to my twitter inquiry, and advises it’s not on their side, but mr. chimero’s.]

for 4 days now.

4.  four. or, in German, vier.

okay, so i sound rather whiny at the prospect of delaying my instant gratification for only 96 hours, especially when we’re talking about art for decoration purpose and not, say, waiting for more valuable things like air, food, or being rescued from a chilean mine.

but still.

this…is…my…um… chilean mine?  yeah, i’m not even sure i can fully go through with that analogy.

suffice it to say, that in my well-appointed home office where i have light and air and zero soot stains, i certainly am only dealing with first-world problems.   4-day-long-first-world problems.

i’ve put my requests out into twitterland, and hopefully it will come through for me.

for this WILL. BE. MINE.

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  1. 9 March 2011 8:23 pm

    hilarious and awesome! and i’m jealous of your fun new print and decorennovated room to hang it in! hope the waiting isn’t too tedious 🙂

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