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the very best thing of today, or, i’m sorry my life apparently revolves around food.

13 May 2011

today was the inaugural event of Fixer Design Fun Treat Fridays, wherein the employees of Fixer Design (which is, of course, just the lovely boy and i) check out for a bit mid-afternoon on fridays to get a tasty treat before we finish the work week.

today’s tasty treat came courtesy of the colorado springs cupcake truck
(currently in competition for the four best words EVER to appear together)
which travels about the city delivering its sugary magic wherever it goes.  it made a last-minute stop downtown with my favorite special – birthday cake – and we got a buy 3 get 1 free special in care of the auspicious date (friday 13th).

our loot:
2 birthday cake with sprinkles (yellow cake with chocolate frosting)
1 peak pistachio (for the boy)
1 chocolate overload (for my friend meg who i am seeing tonight)
1 carrot cake (with cranberries on top, also for the boy)

we bounced a few streets over to give one to my brother and to pick up some milk,
and then finished the afternoon in tasty, tasty style.

the glass, which is my new favorite, is courtesy of the local goodwill when i decided this week that i had had enough of matched dishes and instead just wanted to get all the glasses i like instead.

i just posted about food two days in a row.  what does this say about me?

don’t answer that.

bon weekend!

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