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still here.

9 October 2011

i’m pretty sure this is a reminder for me as much as anyone.

i’m still here.

there’s footing to be found in these surreal circumstances.

amidst sterile hospital rooms

foggy uncertainty

crammed suitcases full of nearly every piece of clothing i own

living in someone else’s home 5 days out of 7 each week

late-night talks with “the patient” (a.k.a. my sweet mother-in-law)

10 hours of driving a week


navigating the unsteadiest of roads without a clear map

i am still here.

god is still near.

friends and family are very dear.

and other things that rhyme as well.

*note 1: i didn’t mean for that to rhyme.  but i kept it anyway. fun with english!

*note 2: the details of this situation are specifically vague, as it is not my story to tell publicly.  however, i am nosy mcnosypants and i HATE vague posts that allude to some big story. so, if concerned readers want to know more, i’ll be happy to communicate in a less-public arena. 

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  1. 10 October 2011 2:06 pm

    me too, sara. me too. i like your poem. letter coming soon.

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