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foxy chevron love.

5 September 2011

in honor of finishing a big project and begging for it night and day, i was surprised with this modern little duvet number on my bed courtesy of the boy.  he exerted his veto power by changing the color (from bright blue to a more muted grey) in exchange for permitting me to choose bright pillows it needs to punch it up a bit.

we already had this pillow made in a chevron pattern (they were MFEO, people) from fabric from our wedding as a wedding gift from our dear friend sarah.

but it wasn’t enough.  it needed more color.  something punchy.  something…foxy.

liam, the woodland fox, will be joining us here in the domicile.

because stuffed animals for grown-ups are the new stuffed animals for kids.

i’m pretty sure that catchphrase is going to sweep the nation shortly.

perhaps i shouldn’t quit my day job.

but my day job is writing.


i’ll be here with liam thinking of a better plan B.

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