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The (R)oastaurant.

22 November 2011

{bad idea jeans, SNL: “Sport the jeans that scream ‘it’s a bad idea!}

When we were kids, my older-by-one-year-and-two-days brother Tucker and I occasionally collaborated on Really Fantastic Ideas (trademark). One of our RFI involved ridiculous brilliant ideas for opening a restaurant when we got older.

We figured that we would expand on the idea of restaurants focusing one one general cuisine, and have them instead focus on only one type of food.  Hey, it works for ice cream, right?

Here were the names of the restaurants we came up with, and the food focus concept should be (painfully) obvious:

Are You For Cereal?

The Roastaurant


And, my absolute favorite:

The Loafeteria


My brother and I don’t, in fact, own or operate a restaurant now that we are adults,
so to the food-enjoying public: you’re welcome for that.

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  1. 22 November 2011 10:50 pm

    I still dream in my adulthood of a restaurant named Spuds. It would be bliss. Can you imagine? Scalloped potatoes. French fries. Baked potatoes. Potato salad. Mashed potatoes. Fried potatoes. Hash browns. Potato soup. Potato cakes. Potato bread. Twice baked potatoes. Boiled potatoes. Potato chips. Yes.

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