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{S} Snapshots.

23 November 2011

here is where we’ve been spending our days and years.

+     +     +

the boy and i went on a date to a local tapas restaurant in old colorado city called the tapateria.

i like the idea of things being a ‘teria’ (see: other failed restaurant ideas).

they give you a big picture menu of all of your tapas options, and you proceed to order about 20 different things, all of them tasty.

the company was particularly delightful.

+     +     +

another Flamingo fashion post from today (named after my amazing mirror pose, yes?), this time with more chartreuse courtesy of the puffy puffy vest my father recently gifted me.  my torso has never been so warm in my life.

also, i LOVE me some chartreuse.

+    +    +

if someone walked into my brother & sister-in-law’s kitchen at 3:35pm on thursday of last week, they would have seen one 30-year-old babysitter with a banana in one hand, an iphone in the other for texting the parents to ascertain the magic cure for the fussy baby, and her knee wedged against the tray of the high chair to keep it in place because she couldn’t figure out the child-lock mechanism while holding a baby who had been crying for approximately 9,000 years the last half hour.

turns out, the magic cure was FEED THE HUNGRY KID.

bananas for the win.

(sorry tucker + julie for all the texts.)

+    +    +

this was the scene in our apartment this week, midway through a current creative project for our local ad-fed group for our company. you can follow the adventures of Mog (the mug-dog) here, if that’s what you’re into.

otherwise, i’ll keep you posted here soon enough.

two observations:

we must look really strange to the neighbors who walk by our apartment window.

i strangely feel like i’m one step closer to getting a dog.

+    +    +

i made potato-leek soup.  it was tasty.  leeks are like onions. our house smelled oniony for days.

+    +    +

i’ve been going through our pictures from grand junction (we’ve been caring for my mother-in-law who had treatments for brain cancer at the regional center there) to put in an album for her.

when we were driving around we stumbled on this general store that she remembered from years ago, in the middle of nowhere.

it was as charming as you’re picturing, and i was wishing that i could shop there regularly.

but not enough to actually move out in the middle of nowhere.

+    +    +

beer me some milk with my dessert, please.

{at my nephew’s 3rd birthday party}

+    +    +

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  1. 24 November 2011 12:24 am

    How do you make your pictures rounded on the edges and some of them clumped together like that?

    Also, I like all your pictures.

    And another thing, I like your anecdote about the fussy baby and the banana.

    Also, your puffy puffy vest is very nice.

    • Sara DeRose permalink
      24 November 2011 4:29 pm

      Thanks, friend.

      Two ways:

      1. All of these were taken on my iPhone, so I use two apps – diptic and photo frame to modify them.

      2. For non-iPhone pics, I use photoshop or picnik, which is online and lets you do easy photo manipulation.

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