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January Photo A Day Roundabundlewrap.

8 January 2012

I decided that January was just a little too early for making grand proclamations about the entire year or even really planning goals or emphases or whathaveyou, but I did do one thing: sign up for FatMumSlim’s January Photo A Day challenge.  One big perk about this is that signing up required me to do absolutely nothing — that’s my kind of group challenge.

There are no rules when it comes to playing along. Just take a photo based on the list above and share it. I’m on Instagram, which is basically like one long photo-only twitter feed (awesome!) so you can follow me there (username saradarling, naturally) and just use the hashtag #JANphotoaday so that others can find your photos {if sharing on Instagram or Twitter}. If you aren’t using Twitter or Instagram, you can do it on your blog, facebook, whatever, and let me know in the comments.  You could also be kind at let FatMumSlim know too, even though I thought her handle was “Fat Muslim” for approximately the first 4 days of the challenge.  Ooops.

She’ll be doing one of these a month for 2012, so there’s many more opportunities to join in and document your year, a month at a time — which is about the only timeframe for goals I can handle.

I decided to share all my photos for the week at the end of the week, but, sincerely hating the word “round-up” as it involves visions of John Wayne, me in awful cowboy boots trying to rustle up some digital files with an old-fashioned lasso, I went with a Weekly Roundabundlewrap.   Roooooollls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

day one: you.  taken in a bathroom like a teenage girl.

day two: breakfast. it should be said that i was eating a very late breakfast, and we were trying to eat up leftovers so as to start eating better/normal in the new year.  i typically don’t eat a breakfast of cereal, smoked gouda and sausage.  although, maybe i should, because it was FANTASTIC.

day three: something i adore.  my husband, and my liam fox that i finally got after four months from an etsy seller who apparently had a mid-life crisis in the middle of making it.  he’s worth the wait, though.  both the husband and the fox, i mean.

day four: letterbox.  the fun in seeing the images from this day comes from the inherent difference in terms between australia (and, presumably, other places in the world) and the united states.  a letterbox in australia is a mailbox here, but some people didn’t figure that our (or just didn’t want to take a picture of their mailbox) and took a whole slew of fantastic photos of letter blocks, keepsake boxes of letters, cool letters placed on a box, etc.  super fun.

i just took a picture of my actual mailbox, because i am boring but liked the colors.

day five: something i wore.  i chose not to do another flamingo fashion post, but took a photo of the pieces of my outfit i was wearing that day.  my buffalo plaid shirt was in heavy rotation two summers ago, but hadn’t made an appearance recently, so i was happy to give it a whirl.  the necklace was a christmas gift from the boy, and it’s made out of stick pins and it’s awesome, but a wee bit scratchy if we’re telling the truth.  and those are my reading glasses/driving at night glasses.  i was editing a magazine for about 6 hours that day, and this was the perfect outfit.

day six: makes you smile.  this frank chimero print (also a christmas gift from the boy, so you can see how well he did this year!) makes me smile.  it will soon be hanging in my office, and it honestly is pretty much my mantra this year.  i have a hard time with doing small things well, consistently, every day, because somehow i feel like they aren’t good enough.  but, like a bird with a twig, making many trips, it is.  it’s always good enough.  and having contentment and purpose makes me smile.  as well as good design, of course.

funny story about this print: it shipped from the UK, and the boy ordered it the day after Thanksgiving because he is Very Prompt With Christmas Gifts, which i love.  it was the week before christmas, and it hadn’t come yet, so he called and they said that it obviously got lost but since they couldn’t track it (strange), they’d just promptly send another one and expedite it so that “your wife will think nice things about us.”  cute.  we asked what we should do if the other showed up, and they said just keep it or give it away.

about two weeks after christmas, both of them showed up at different times on the same day, and that same day i had two lovely friends over who equally were enamored with the print, so i got to give the extra one to them, who are doing some kind of sisterhood of the travelling print with it.  double gift.  so, i’m definitely thinking nice things about them.

day seven: my favourite.  this is my favourite sign in town.  it’s a seedy part of town lined with bars and run-down apartments, but they’ve kept this sign, and i will be so sad if it gets torn down.  i love the little skylark bird.

see you next week with more photos and some other ramblings, to be sure.

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  1. 8 January 2012 3:08 pm

    i love six! of course. nice roundabundlewrap-up.

  2. 9 January 2012 8:03 pm

    I laughed out loud with your made up word, then I read it all to Iain, and he laughed, too. We agree you have exceptional taste, style, and marvelous ability to make up words. Bravo! (Just accidentally type “barvo” which was not a very good made up word, and it was by accident…point proven)

  3. Dad permalink
    22 January 2012 6:31 am

    {one} is my favorite. but you probably knew i would say that, huh? lovely photographs, all.


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