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peck, peck, peck.

23 September 2008
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i am sitting next to someone in the library, who is typing a lengthy paper with her left hand.  only her left hand.

from the subject of the paper, and the name of the class, i have gathered that this person is at least a junior, possibly a senior, and is around my age (27).

how do you get this far in this day and age without somehow learning how to type with two hands.  i mean, two hands – slowly, two hands while looking at the keyboard — there are many options…but hunt and peck with one hand?  really?  REALLY?

i am a fast typer.  always have been, since one teacher in elementary school taught us how to type.  that, combined with years and years of being in various administrative jobs, i have learned how to type enough that i can look completely away from the keyboard and generally make few mistakes.  when i’m writing something, it sounds like lots of little birds on the keyboard, as not a small number of people have mentioned.

so maybe it’s not this way for everyone.  no worries.  BUT.  ONE.  HAND.  FOR.   A.  TEN.  PAGE.  PAPER?

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