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24 September 2008

i usually request that the boy call me before 7, or after 8, only on wednesdays.

why? project runway is on.

i find that request to be incredibly ridiculous of me, yet not nearly enough to make me stop.

luckily, he finds it pretty funny.

i think, i’m allowed to be this vapid from the hours of 7 – 8, because i own a well-paged-through 4 pound anthology of literary criticism and theory that i read every day right now.

it’s like having mindless activity credits. i get to read people magazine, and listen to rihanna, and watch project runway or various other awesomely bad shows i watch on occasion like [redacted] and [redacted], because i am earning mad intellectual brain-hurting points all day.

does this come from my mom allowing me to watch tv only for the same amount of time i read each day as a kid? hmmm, i just thought of that. and i was always a prolific reader šŸ™‚

you may call it time spent in frivolity. i call it being culturally well-rounded.

and this is why i was a convincing debater in high school.

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